Thursday, August 27, 2009

Production Wrap!

Hey all, Kurt here. Well, after several days of intensive work and late nights, the primary production of waltz is a wrap.

And by the looks of our footage, we have a very solid movie.

Now, what about the blog? Well, as you may have noticed, we haven't been uploading many photos lately. The main reason for this is the complete lack of nighttime coherence on our part (as you may have noticed in John's last post). I knew on tuesday morning when I woke up at 7 a.m. drooling on my laptop keyboard that it may just be a better idea to wai
t until production wraps to regale you all with stories (both horror and comedy) about the making of this unique film. And we have plenty to tell; this blog is going nowhere, and we plan to continue updating it and keeping you all informed of our progress.

So, for tonight, a simple teaser of production photos, courtesy of Marla. Don't ask me which photos are from which day - it's all become a giant evergreen blur.

Today's theme: how to create effects with a tight budget. But first, a sunrise photo:

Problem number one: weather. We needed to capture a morning after rainfall, which wasn't really happening. Solution: buckets.

Ta-da! So easy. Ilya, by the way, did not help concentration with his sexy-nazi costume. Rather unprofessional.

Erin claimed she would rather redo the dead deer scene that spend another take smoking these Marlboro's. Sounds like a good commercial for Camel.

Anyway, problem number two: a boat carrying our characters needed to drift ashore. The boat was being very uncooperative. Solution number one: I throw out a rope, and attempt to give them a tug while the boat is off camera:

As amazingl
y cool that photo is, the plan did not work, and our actors ended up spinning in circles. So, we needed someone in the water. Someone with great swimming ability. Someone able to man up and risk leeches and mud for our film. Someone who can do no wrong, and always finds solutions.

Timmy wasn't available though, so Chris jumped in.

I thought the dreads made him look like something out of a 50s horror flick.
Run, don't walk, from... the Swamp Hipster!

Seriously though, Chris was great, and his daft swimming made the scene work. The actors, I think, were still relieved to exit the ride.

So anyway, this is the first of many post-production updates. I hope you enjoy them.

Yes, I just bookended the post with a sunset picture. Sue me.

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  1. Yeah, boats are a problem! We managed to tip a canoe and lose Rob Yeo's prized duck call and wreck a cell phone.