Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Production - Day Four


I have yet to be to sleep yet and it's after five.

We ended up working so hard that we were super ahead of schedule. Like a whole day super ahead. So we decided that tonight Marla and I should go back into town and review everything we have shot so far to see if we missed anything or there were any problems.

We put the tapes in backwards, starting with the most recent, and began to watch. First shot there was visible boom. It made me feel lousy, amateurish, just no good. But it was something that could easily be dealt with and even in a different location if needed.

Then came the real shock. Right towards the end of a shot the tape jumped to something shot hours later. It hit me. All at once.

Mid-day yesterday we had done a rather tough sequence that took us a few hours to get right. Afterwords the actors wanted to see what the results had looked like. We rewinded and reviewed the tape before breaking for lunch. About and hour later we went out and continued shooting. Being the idiot that I am I forgot to rewind the tape. So that is it, weather permitting I have to re shoot about 3 hours of work today, primarily on a scene that was probably the most difficult thing we had shot up til that.

And as I said, I have yet to sleep for the last 22 hours, and likely wont be able to for another 17 hours.

Also I puked yesterday.

So, yeah, making an independent film is a lot of work.

It's been taking me a lot of Midol to get through the days already.

No-doze here I come.

But, on the plus side. I have now watched everything that is shot and can tell you that I think we've got a pretty good movie on our hands.

Ok, just actually fell asleep for about 10 minutes sitting up at the blog. So I can't say I've gotten no sleep. No lie.

Pictures to come. Prromise.

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  1. Hi John....I'm a friend of Ilya's from Cleveland,O. Congradulations! I can't waite to see this film. I love filmmaking.
    Good luck in post !!!