Friday, August 21, 2009

Pre Production - Day Three

Today was a day of rain and frustration, two admirable foes deciding to team together like we were in a Batman sequel.

The rain came at us first, causing us to need to rearrange the schedule for tomorrow as it will likely rain then as well. Just as we had that problem sorted out we found out that the actors would not be able to arrive until mid afternoon due to a last minute issue at their work. That leaves us with less than 5 hours of daylight and a whole lot of shooting that almost has to be done together unless we want to lose the whole day. Should be fun, but seriously, filmmaking is just as much about these problems as it is about framing.

By the end of the night we put our heads down and pushed forward as we readied everything and loaded it in the van.

Tomorrow is over two years in the making for me. While it might not be fun in the traditional sense, there is nothing I would rather be worrying about than everything that is my mind right now.

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