Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pre Production - Day Two - Part Two

Today was the first of two days set aside for pre-production. It was a day filled with running around and sorting out all the last minute details. It was also a day of lasagna.

Here is Kurt as he drives us all over town so we can beg for favors from his family and friends.
Here we are planning things. First we take Manhattan...
This is what Chris will be spending most of the next week doing. He isn't employed, he has nothing better to do.
Here I am with Timmy and his uncle as we work out our home made steadicam setup. Timmy bailed that hay. Way to go Timmy!
This is Timmy's place that we raided for many of our props.
Timmy, Timmy, Timmy. I guess there was a lot of Timmy today. Or maybe he's just so photogenic. Anywho, here he is working on a mount we are building to attach the camera to a boat.
Marla finally decided she wanted to make sure people wouldn't forget she was ever here. So she put the camera on a timer and jumped in front with the rest of us.

Q: Where's Timmy?

At the end of the day the crew sat down with the Raether family to enjoy a pan of Lasagna that weighed in at around 19 Lbs. Yes we weighed our dinner.

A: Timmy had to run home.

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  1. Very productive. Especially Chris.

    Also, that's a lot of lasagna.