Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Been a while

Sorry loyal fan(s)

We've been awful busy with "real" "adult" things like moving, school starting, getting a job, what have you.

Will hopefully get better at updating now that things have settled some.

Here are just a few more pictures from shooting to tease you with.

The pictures capture Ryan, our young thespian, during the shooting of some scenes at an abandoned farm house.

Here he is being carried over the wild underbrush by Erin.

And here is where Kurt really earned his producer credit when he got down and acted as a stool for Ryan who had to crawl into the window frame for a shot.

To reward Ryan for all his hard work we gave him a can of SunDrop, a highly caffeinated beverage that is bottled in Shawano, where part of the movie was shot.

So anywho, editing is going well. I have an assemblage of sorts and plan on having what could rightfully be deemed a rough cut in a week or so.


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