Saturday, August 22, 2009

Production - Day One - Part Two

Hey, this is Kurt, I finally have time to make a post!

As the producer, I basically get to run around attending to whatever the crew needs, making calls, getting locations, buying props, figuring out what to do when the dog eats our props, and basically doing the dirty work. Sometimes, the really dirty work.

For the movie, one of our biggest challenges was finding a deer carcass. I won't spoil the reason for the carcass, but I will tell you that everyone should be glad this movie isn't in smellovision.

The original plan for the dead deer was the Shawano County Highway Department. We'll get deer, they said. We pick up a truckload every week, they said. Come Friday, the deer suddenly decided to disappear, and we were left without our most important prop. As we headed up to the campsite, racking our brains for an answer, bemoaning all the work lost, Marla went and stole my deer thunder.

We spotted this little guy on the side of the road, with barely a scratch on him (just some very broken legs). We had our DNR permit, our giant cattle gloves, and a very strong-stomached Christopher Schasse, who was the only one brave enough to let the deer touch him.

So anyway, that was fun.

As for the shoot, we weren't able to start until about 4:30 in the afternoon, so that was a bit of a shame. Still, we didn't get too far behind schedule, and I'm confident that we will be ok. As long as we shoot for every waking hour the next five days.

Erin did a wonderful job at pretending to know how to clean a fish:

Chris almost never dropped the boom into frame:

Ilya figured out how to make a fire with very wet wood:

And John did a great job at setting up shots on the fly:

Of course, Marla took all these wonderful photos.

I'm heading back up the campsite, with my little cousin Ryan in tow (he's our child star), and Timmy in his triumphant return.

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